Branding Services
A brand without a strategy is like a plane without wings!

Build your brand and take off! Yalos branding services cover everything a brand needs to stay ahead.

Corporate Branding


The great power of Corporate Branding is what resides in the minds of the customers. This is achieved, by implementing a consistent brand strategy, and by visualizing the whole process with unique experiences, symbols, colors and typography.

Creating a design which represents a brand, is a strategic and cross-disciplinary process that rethinks questions of identity, purpose and direction and seeks new answers.

  • Naming
  • Corporate Identity
  • Investors/Annual Reports
  • Corporate Profile
  • Corporate Advertising
  • Corporate Environments
  • Corporate Brand Architecture

Retail & Packaging


In a retail environment, packaging is the primary way people interact with the brand.

A great pack communicates emotional and functional benefits, is in line with the Brand’s personality and differentiates the product before the purchase is made.

Yalos’ packaging expertise continuously creates memorable products that sell beyond expectations.

  • Retail Branding
  • Product Naming
  • Packaging Design
  • Product Line Architecture
  • POS Branding

Digital Branding


In today’s decentralized, tweeting, demand-printed, www universe, achieving compelling visual coherence is challenging. There is an ever-widening range of communications that need to consistently express your brand.

Yalos designs coherent brand strategies for the virtual www universe. We create an efficient digital branding mix by tackling websites, e-newsletters, and various forms of digital platforms that reinforce each other visually, adding strength and substance to your brand.

  • Digital Branding Strategy
  • Interactivity Websites
  • E-Commerce
  • Internet Campaigns
  • Social Media Campaigns

Branded Spaces

4 Branded Environments let people touch, tour and interact with your brand in physical spaces. They enable the brand to communicate identity, information, and the idea of place.

Environmental branding is the thoughtful application of a business brand to every point of contact a business has with the market.

  • Retail Branding
  • Branded Stores
  • Branded Offices
  • Exhibits and Trade shows
  • Destination Branding