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Septona! The pure sense of success.

CLIENT Septona


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A success story, exporting to over 52 countries worldwide.

Septona is primarily known for its great export activity, supplying both branded and private label products to customers in 52 countries around the world.High quality is what makes the company well recognized worldwide.

By continuously investing in quality assurance mechanisms throughout the whole production process, having the most updated machinery for manufacturing cotton products and by using only the highest quality of comber bleached cotton, Septona succeeded in becoming a reliable worldwide supplier of cotton based products.


Turning a commodity into great sales!

With an aim to always offer the best, Septona decided to invest in the enhancement of their brand and product lines, making sure their customers have additional reasons to include them in their choice of preference.

Yet,the major obstacle we had to overcome was a crowded marketplace, full of commodity private label cotton products?

Our starting point was the creation of a heart & soul brand. One, that people can identify with, just by  glaring on one of its packages. Creating a brand is like making a person entirely to your specifications. It must have a personality, a moral standing, a temperament, and a physical appearance.

The Septona brand, was infused with a distinct personality, radiating purity and softness, affecting our target market in a positively effective way. From the logotype design to the product lines, such as, baby care, lady care and basic cotton we consistently kept  the identity unspoiled, adding to a distinct experience, which in turn has generated great sales!

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