Yalos Branding Intelligence™, delivers results that will expand your market penetration and extend your profit margins.

Four Reasons to Get Intelligent about your Brands!

Extend Profit margins

1Profit margins are strongly correlated to the level of differentiation of your brand. If your brand is easily comparable to your competition, then your offering is perceived as a commodity. Sooner, rather than later, your price strategy and profit margins will fail to deliver the financial results you were looking for.

Yalos Branding Intelligence™ will help you plan and implement a high margin strategy by focusing on the critical differentiation factors, such as unique design elements, innovation of services or products and enhancement of the brand experience.

Expand Your Market

2 An expanding market penetration is achieved, by focusing on the relevance of your products and services, to your target audience. You might be different, but are you relevant? Sometimes by differentiating your offering and over extending your innovation, you might risk becoming irrelevant to your clients true needs.

Yalos Branding Intelligence™ will harmoniously synthesize differentiation and relevance. By expanding your market penetration, your cash flows will reach new levels and your company will have a very good chance of becoming the leader of your market segment.

Fend Off Competitors


You are in a good position but the competition always creeps up. Being intelligent about your brands will crash your competition. A well set up brand, creates opportunity and saves marketing budget by creating consistency across all media and markets.

Advertising and promotion have been perceived as the power houses of fending off competitors. Yet, it is financially sound to realize that advertising is the cost you pay for being unoriginal and that promotions erode your margins. Building a stronger brand has always been a no-brainer. It has worked over and over again.

Enrich Brand Perception

4Brand perception is the key issue for achieving customer loyalty. Imagine a world were your offering is not questioned and client devotion reaches the double digits. Loyalty, however, comes with time and the market will only spend time with your brand if it provides consistency, honesty and security.

Yalos Branding Intelligence™ will help you plan and control these three key factors. By managing your brands’ perception we will be developing a unique brand experience for your clients, boosting their brand loyalty.